Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thinking of soldering a new Arduino board

The new parts gave me the inspiration for a new Arduino board. As some of you know I have made a few Arduino boards before. Here they are:

My first Homemade Arduino Wired

The first board I made looks like this. It had somewhat Arduino-like pinlayout but something happened to the 16Mhz, probably broke it by warming it too long with the solder iron. I had to burn a 8Mhz bootloader instead. I still use it sometimes...
Second arduino wireless sensor on batteries
The second board was low power and built in radio-transmitter as well as a few sensor with thermometer , humidity-sensor and light sensor. It can run on 2 AA and one 9V batteries for 6 months transmitting sensor-readings every 5 minutes...

Third homemade Arduino board
In its case...

The third board was a radio receiver with LCD screen.

I have also made a few prototypes on breadboard like the one above with Ethernet.

Not that I really need another board but I want one that I can attach to my RPi.

Here is some inspirations and information

I will use my new prototype as a base for this one, that way I will get perfectly aligned headers. I also would like headers so I can connect it to the GPIO pins of my Raspberry Pi.
the beginning, lots of short cables...

I started soldering but made some mistakes and will continue during the weekend instead, too tired today!
gah I burned a cable with the soldering iron!

I also need to order a reset button since I broke the one I had. i have a spare one but it is soldered to another board, they are a pain to desolder...

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