Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Soldered one of three

Three wires connect to the Arduino, GND, +5V and Signal to Analog 0


One out of three microphones with amplifiers has been soldered. These microphones are included in the Robot Mapping project and are part of the "radio beacons".

The Electret Microphone and LM386 Amplifier (200x)
I did not really plan the layout of the components, I just added one component after another. Maybe I will use Fritzing for the next one. I really must learn on how to work more professional!

Soldering went ok, design was ad-hoc
For once the soldering worked out ok, these prototype-boards are very cheap and low-quality.

The microphone next to one on a breadboard, only difference is the resistor that got replaced with a trimpot.

The initial test seemed ok.

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