Saturday, February 9, 2013

Programming the arduino using rpi serial

Finally GPIO success!
I have long wanted to use the GPIO pins for anything, but been a bit hesitant to experiment out of fear of breaking things. But today I took the first steps toward a raspberry serial shield for my new arduino board.

The setup was quite easy I used my breadpi on the breadboard for the first time. The TX on the Pi goes directly to the RX on the Arduino. The TX from the Arduino outputs 5 Volts and that is harmful for the 3.3V Pi so I created a voltage divider with two 10KOhm resistors.

Voltage Divider
I could not get the automatic reset to work so I resetted the Arduino board by hand, since I do not have a reset button on the board I used a cable from GND touching reset.

I hope to use the Raspberry Pi to collect sensor-readings from my robot.

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