Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New parts have been ordered

Today I ordered a few new parts for my robot project.

4050B DIP-16 Hex Non-Inverting Buffer 

These are to be used to level convert between 5 and 3.3 Volts in order to use the Nokia 5110 screen I intend to place either on the robot itself.
The idea to use the 4050 is from I hope this is the right circuit.

Resonator 16.000MHz keramisk 2-pin

The resonators are to be used together with the ATMEGA328 and ATMEGA8 chips order to improve from the internal 8Mhz clock to 16Mhz for the radio-beacons i intend to build for robot navigation.
I have used 16 Mhz crystals before but wanted to try something new. The resonators are a bit less precise, you can read about that here: Main reason for using a resonator you do not need the two capacitors making the circuit a bit easier and they are cheap.

Power supply parts

El.lyt 100uF 50V 85C radial
El.lyt 10uF 50V 85C radial

These are to be used to build power-supplies for the radio-beacons. The circuit is here

Tryckknapp PCB 0.8mm svart

These buttons are intended as reset buttons for the arduino board I built the other day. And perhaps also on the radio beacons.

The RGB-Led is to be used on the robot itself for presenting different states.

Other parts

DIL-hållare 28-pin 0.3" These are to be used together with the atmega chips to avoid destroying the chip when soldering

I bought another ATMEGA328-PU DIP-28N Processor 20MHz 32kB chip

I bought a Level converter 3.3V/5V logik also to try out

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