Saturday, February 9, 2013

Arduino on protoshield

My newest Arduino board running the Blink sketch
I spent a few hours in the shed, soldering a Arduino board on a prototyping shield.

The new Arduino is pretty much a Diavolino ripoff. Almost all connections are identical to that board.

The Raspberry Pi header and voltage divider was taken from Paperduino Pi.

Not really happy with the result though... I soldered special headers for connection with the Raspberry Pi but could not get it to work properly. I created a voltage divider but suspect that it did not work as intended since I could not load sketches from the Pi.

the prototype shield

It is really a lot of wires to get all headers connected and that was kind of painful, a strip board would be better but I aimed to be able to place shields on this one.

Terrible Soldering

Also not so happy about the soldering on this one. It has improved somewhat since the last Arduino I made but I still make a lot of mistakes. I guess I´ll learn eventually. 
One of the reason for the many mistakes is that I try to work fast, since I must fight for every minute I may spend on these projects. I really should go slower and enjoy the process...
I could also do with a better soldering Iron, the tip of mine is kind of loose.

Stuff left to do

Soldering ICSP headers for burning bootloaders.
Soldering a PCB reset button

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