Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New parts ordered


I just placed an order for new parts, here are the notes so I do not forget why I ordered them...

For the microphone circuit

The MCP3008-I at electrokit

I ordered a Analog to digital Converter, this is because I want to try if I can get a higher sampling rate with it than with the built in ADC of the ATmega328 Arduino.

I also ordered a EEPROM memory circuit to test dumping the memory, the ATmega only has 2Kb of SRAM so in order to sample a bigger number of samples I want to try to move the samples to the 64Kb  eeprom.

For USB-bitbanging experiments

I´m kind of curious on various bit-banging circuits. I think I´m going to build a USBtinyISP that you can find here: http://www.ladyada.net/make/usbtinyisp/
I got most of the parts and are going to wire the circuit myself but I need the Chrystal and USB mini as well as the level conversion parts.
A 12.000Mhz chrystal from electrokit

Level conversion IC 74HC125N DIP
Zener diods (for level conversions) BZX55C3V6 DO-35 3.6V
A simple to wire USB USB mini-B monterad på kort

I also intend to test the V-USB and perhaps build my own USB to serial as can be found here: http://www.recursion.jp/avrcdc/

For that I need some diods and another USB:

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