Saturday, February 9, 2013

Raspberry Pi shield for the Arduino

I want to be able to communicate with my newly built Arduino board from my Raspberry Pi using the serial port on RPi´s GPIO.
The problem is that my Arduino works with 5.0V and the Raspberry Pi pins only work with 3.3V.

The motivation for this is to:

USB to serial
  • Use the processing power of the PI for the robot mapping project.
  • Free up my USB to serial by being able to program the
    Arduino from the PI
  • Start using GPIO on the Pi and learn about level conversion

So the plan is to build a shield for the Arduino with a 26 pin connector on it so I can connect it to the RPi using a flat cable. Eventually some other components (radio or Bluetooth) should be placed on the same shield.

The new Arduino with not functional RPi headers...
I did a similar thing on the newly built Arduino board, but could not get it to work, so Im kind of curious on how to solve it.
I have converted between 5 and 3.3 V before using a AND-gate when communicating with a enc28j60 ethernet chip.

First step is to put something up on a breadboard...
  • Level conversion 
    • perhaps I can use the AND gate I have. 
    • transistors?
    • voltage dividors?
  • LED lights for RX, TX

This guy has done it before but found some issues so he used a level converter instead.

This also shows it working with a voltage divider

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