Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three microphone circuits

Three Arduino boards with three microphones, trilateration here I come! ... wait I´m lacking a USB to serial...

Tonight I soldered another microphone, together with the one on the breadboard I now have three in total. Two problems remain: 
  1. I need another USB to serial in order to connect them all three to my PC (I can however connect the one on the right to the RPi... Well yesterday I ordered more USB to serials
  2. The new microphone circuit did not get the full 200x amplification. It works but with lower amplification. I've checked the connections using my multimeter, My best guess is that it might just be the electrolytic capacitor that got broken. Unfortunately I do not have a multimeter that can measure caps. :(
Well tomorrow I will replace that cap, desoldering is fun!

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