Thursday, March 21, 2013

Soldered myself another Arduino like board

Almost all my general purpose Arduino boards are already used in Robot mapping project so tonight I intend to solder myself another board. The boards function is to listening to a microphone, measure time, and send that time over serial. That will be combined with measurements from other microphones to be able to locate my robot. I'm not after full pin-out this time. Just a few analog pins will do.

Trying out different layouts. Something like this?

The requirements:
  • Can be powered from battery
  • Can be programmed with my new USB to serial
  • Has at least one analog in
  • Has at least one digital in/out
  • Has one GND connection
  • Has one +5V connection
  • 16 Mhz clock
This is the first board I make that uses a 16 Mhz resonator instead of a crystal. Might be quite fatal for the project to use a resonator since they have less sensitivity. 

Going out to my workshop to solder...Be right back...

And 2 hours later...
The soldered board, is powered up and can be programmed. Only six analog pins have pins.
Oh I´m getting quite tired now, but the new board can be programmed using Arduino IDE as a regular UNO board. I have not tried any fancy stuff yet. I need to add headers for GND and +5V in order to be able to attach a microphone.

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