Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New parts ordered

I placed two new orders for parts, one from dx.com and one from Lawicel
The USB to TTL (5V serial communication)

I keep wishing for more and more USB to serial devices. So I ordered myself another FTDI USB to TTL device of the same kind as last time. I also ordered two PL2303HX USB to TTL, these are very cheap and they do not have any DTR or reset capabilities but I keep creating more and more custom Arduino boards and need a cheap way of communicating with them. The programming can be done with the FTDI chips or by using the reset button. When I receive these I have 3 programming devices and 3 extra serial devices, that should be enough!!!

More female headers http://www.lawicel-shop.se/prod/Female-Header-Pack_880907/Sparkfun_64668/SWE/SEK

I also ordered some female headers. From dx I ordered 10 Double Row 10-Pin Headers. These can be used for my custom arduino boards. I also ordered two full sets of "Arduino headers" (2*6pins + 2*8pins).

Brage PCB http://www.lawicel-shop.se/prod/Brage-SIP-bare-PCB_947673/LAWICEL-AB_8758/SWE/SEK
I have a lot of ATmega328 and ATmega8 IC´s so I ordered two Arduino compatible PCB´s called "Brage" from Lawicel-shop. These can be programmed like an Arduino but have a different form factor and are intended to be placed on a breadboard I guess. I have not seen many Arduino bare PCB´s that can be ordered before this one, almost all come with components.

I also ordered a set of mini pushbuttons, you can never get to many of those.

Lastly I ordered a 8x8 Mini Green LED Matrix. I got na idea for a wireless board using these as output, and with a cheap distance sensor.

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