Monday, March 4, 2013

No serial connection with the Little Wire bootloader

I spent a few hours yesterday with the ATtiny85 trying to program it using serial input to the Little Wire-boot-loader using the method described here.
The ATtiny95 set up as a Little Wire USB tool.
I tried both the windows(XP) with FBOOT.exe(that cannot be run on a 64bit OS) and Linux with the custom download tool(just called "bootloader") as described in the v1.1 version of the bootloader. But I get no connection. There should be a moment 0.3s or something during bootup where the bootloader responds to incoming serial connection.

Dan Sheadel kindly presented me with this link to a arduino High voltage serial programmer that can as I understand unset the "disable Reset Fuse"

This it is not a serious crisis for me, its only one IC we are talking about and I got more, and it seems I can use this as the little wire ISP programmer... but its interesting to try putting that circuit to work without frying my Arduino. And I would like to try the cdc232 USB to serial firmware.

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