Monday, March 11, 2013

New electronics workshop in the making

New workshop with more room for electronics tinkering.

My old workshop acts as home office, my wife´s sewing studio, guest bed and electronics lab. That means the room have had a lot of furniture, computers, sewing machines, loads of fabrics and boxes of mixed electronics. 
Current work-space with very little room for electronics

The desk space have been really sparse so my electronics tinkering have been done mostly in front of the keyboard of my computer. Not having enough work-space hinders creativity so my wife and I decided to redecorate the room and make sure we have enough storage and work-space for all.

When image-searching for electronics work-bench, you realize that a work-benches tend to get really messy.

Requirements for the electronics lab

  • Work-area 
  • Close proximity to the computer
  • Close access to a USB-hub
  • Access to multiple power outlets
  • Storage for electronics parts
  • Storage for electronics projects, like robot and a few breadboards
  • Storage for cables
  • Storage for tools
  • Computer screen for the Raspberry Pi.


The room is emptied and walls are cleaned

Walls are grounded with white color.
Last night we started painting, first two layers of white color on top of the wallpaper and then one layer of  "Kaktus 809". We have one more layer to go before we are done painting.
"Kaktus 809" The new color for the walls...
After we are done with the walls we plan to put up a lot of shelves for storage and get some new desks from Ikea, perhaps the "Galant" desks. I want to have a dedicated work-area for the electronics with a low shelf .

To be continued...

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