Saturday, April 27, 2013

Finally reliable SSH and VNC to my robot

In order to program my robot I need to be able to program both the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino Duemilanove. But the RPi is being run headless and the Arduino is connected to the RPi through serial connection so I can only program them through wifi network access.

The Wifi access has been problematic since the WiFi was closing inward connections all the time. I could connect to the robot but only if the robot first made a connection outwards using the same protocol, really weird. It seems it is my Netgear router that is the source of my troubles since when I use another router the problems went away.

Robot with Pi running headless

Now I can SSH to the Robot and start vncserver, after that I connect to the RPi using TightVNC Viewer. It feels a little bit sluggish compared to attaching screen and keyboard but its really quite ok. I can start Arduino IDE and program the Arduino board without any problems.

Starting vncserver from SSH
Ultimately I would like an easier way of coding on my PC and deploy on the robot since the RPi takes a lot longer to compile on.

Here is a tutorial for those who needs it:

TightVNC Viewer 

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