Saturday, June 29, 2013

Larger Arduino robot platform

I started to build a larger platform for my robot. The old platform has three levels and is quite packed with sensors and cables. Since most cables are connected to the Arduino board, I need to dismantle most of the robot when I make changes. Also I wanted to be able to make distance readings in all directions
The old robot is packed with sensors.
I made cardboard templates for most of the hardware to be able to play with layout a bit easier. I decided to make the robot round-ish but ended up making it an octagonal-ish. With centered wheels so it will turn around its center. 
The third wheel is placed on one side and weight is distributed accordingly.

Plywood with cutouts for wheels and cardboard templates for parts
  • Plywood 30*30 cm
  • Raspberry Pi Model A
  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • LiPo battery
  • H-bridge 7.4V  3300
  • Power converter
  • 2 * 6V geared motors
  • Servo
  • 2 * IR Sensors Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F
  • 2 * Ultrasonic sensors HC-SR04
  • Compass HMC5883L
  • Accelerometer and Gyro MPU6050
  • USB-Hub

Before dismantling the old robot 
Lots of parts and cables, My Raspberry Pi model A to the right
The old robot was dismantled in order to find more precise measurements for drilling.

Testing layout with real hardware instead of cardboard
I intend to make distance measurements in all directions. I have mounted two IR-distance sensors and two ultrasonic sensors on a piece of wood. It is going to be placed on top of a servo. An unsolved problem is that I must be able to shut the sensors on and off independently since I have noticed that they interfere with each other.
The new two directional sensor IR and ultrasonic
Most parts are assembled and I have glued the support for the third wheel as well as the servo.

Now waiting for the glue... to be continued...

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