Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New servo for robot head

Problem: The old servo is not strong enough to turn the robots head when there is a lot of cables attached to the head.

I bought a new larger servo yesterday,  the black large one in the background should provide much more power than the old blue micro servo I used before.
Solution: Buy new stronger servo.

The servo should turn the robots head so that distance sensors can make measurements in all directions, problem was that the old servo was not strong enough to turn the head with the resistance of the cables.

New problem: new servo creates a lot of electrical disturbance. 

Solution: Add more and bigger caps!

There is a lot of cables  coming out of the sensors (4+4+3+3) making the head a lot heavier to turn. 
All those cables makes the head difficult to work with,  I think I need to make a custom Arduino board and attach it to the head.

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